9 lighting tips to brighten up your rental

As any photographer will tell you, it’s all about lighting.

Lighting is key in creating a space where you feel comfortable and at home but when you’re renting, the lighting might feel gloomy and outdated. However, you don’t need to resign to a life of inadequate lighting. There are a number of things you can do to improve the lighting in your place without annoying your landlord or risk losing your deposit.

Before you start, it’s important to consider all three layers of lighting (ambient, task and accent).

1. Ambient light is the general light, often provided by ceiling lights

  • Change lightbulbs

The fastest and easiest way to change up the lighting in your home is by replacing the bulbs. Not a fan of hospital theatre brightness, replace the bulb with one with a warmer glow. If you have a bit more budget to spend, invest in smart bulbs which allow you to change the colour temperature of the light to your mood and need.

  • Change fittings and replace

Upgrade your ugly lights by removing the old fixtures and replacing them with fixtures that better match your style and decoration. No need to worry about your deposit, as long as you store the old fixtures safely and put them back up when you move out.

  • Don’t forget about natural lighting

It’s important not to forget about the most basic of all lights and that’s natural light. So, clear the space around your windows and think how the sunlight moves throughout the room during the day. Make sure no bulky items or furniture block the natural flow of the light.

2. Task lighting is intended to provide lighting for a specific function

  • Think of the task

When adding task lighting, be clear on the task it’s supposed to do. For example, battery powered led lights are great to add some much-needed lighting in that dark hallway cupboard but we wouldn’t recommend it as a reading light in the living room.

  • Think of the placement

Consider the placement of each piece. Space out your lighting fixtures horizontally across the room as well as vertically. Adding light sources at different heights makes a room look higher. However, make sure you avoid having a bright light at eye level.

  • It’s not all function over form

Don’t think task lighting is just about function. A beautiful lamp is a great way to add style and personality to your home as your eye is automatically drown to light sources.

3. Finally, accent lighting draws your attention to a particular object or a small area for decorative purposes

  • Play with light and shadow

When adding accent light think of not just the light it shows but shadow it casts as well. Especially in those winter months, well chosen shadows can give a room that extra bit of charm. For example a small bedside lamp hidden behind a sofa can create an interesting play of light and shadow.

  • Don’t forget about candles

A great and inexpensive way to add accent lighting is to work with candles. They have a warm light and if placed strategically they are great to draw your attention to a nice piece of furniture or interesting item.

  • The light can be the star

As with task lighting, don’t forget about the decorative value of the light itself. Even when turned off, lighting accessories can be highly decorative.

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