You can now pay monthly for your home contents insurance

October 2017

You can get contents insurance for less than the cost of an 18″ pizza a month*!

Did that get your attention? Well it’s true, we’ve launched our new payment option which allows you to pay monthly for your home contents insurance.

We talk to our customers a lot, and know that the insurance purchase can often come at a difficult time. Maybe you’ve just moved house, and had to front all the moving costs, or it just happens to coincide with a load of other bills. That’s why we think the option to pay monthly is important and why we’re really excited about launching this new feature. Customers now have the ability to choose the payment frequency which works best for their budgets.

You don’t need to do anything special to pay monthly. It will actually be given to you as the default option when you get to the quote page, since we think that most of our customers will want to pay this way.

Feeling flush, and want to get the bills out of the way? No problem, just select the annual option on the checkout page, and the saving will be added automatically.

If you have any questions about the monthly payment option, our team will be happy to answer them, otherwise happy (flexible) shopping!

* Based on the average monthly premium for a 2 bed-flat. To get a quote for your home, click the button below.

About us

Urban Jungle is a home insurance business, specialising in renters and sharers. We’re using technology to make insurance better for young people.

We offer great quality home contents insurance at competitive prices.

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