From zeppelin cover to house plants: the hidden treasures of our home insurance policies

We’ve all heard horror stories of companies hiding things in the T&C’s and policy documents designed to mess with customers. But sometimes, just sometimes there are good things hidden in there too.

You may not have checked out your insurance docs lately, but we love nothing more than to sit down in an arm chair with a cup of cocoa and a good policy document, so we thought we’d pick out some of the more helpful and surprising little things that are included in our policies for you. They may sound small, but could make a big difference if you need them.

So, let’s play a game of “Did you know…”

Let’s start with, did you know our policy doesn’t just cover your stuff but also up to £1k of your friend’s stuff if they are staying with you? Pretty cool, no?

Well, that’s not all, you’re also automatically covered if you temporarily need to stay with your friends!

And that’s still not all! If you damage your landlord’s stuff, you’re covered, so you can pay your landlord back and avoid losing your deposit.

Did you know you can claim up to £2,000 for damage to your plants as well? Note: getting a bit over-excited with the watering can doesn’t constitute a flood.

Slightly random one. Ever had your house impacted by a zeppelin? Well if you did, you’d be covered too (or perhaps more likely if your house was hit by a drone).

A fuse blows and you need to throw out all the food in your freezer. Guess what? That’s included in our cover as well.

Happy birthday (or at least it will be)! Did you know the cover level of our policies goes up by £5k for the month before and after your birthday, wedding and any religious festivals like Christmas?

If you’re planning a move any time soon you’re probably interested to know that our policies cover for damage to your stuff while it’s being moved by professional removers to your new home as well.

And a last one, did you know you can claim up to £500 for the unauthorised use of your credit card?

All these features are included in all of our policies as standard, as well as the important ones you might expect such as:

  • £50k worth of home contents cover (new for old)
  • Alternative accommodation should your home become uninhabitable
  • Flexible excess
  • Up to £15k of ‘in home’ cover for items valued over £2,500

If you want to read through our policy document to see if there might be any other great surprises waiting, you can find it here, and of course our customer service team is available whenever you need, to help answer any questions.

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