What renewals are usually like, and how we’re changing them…

September 2017

It’s that time of year again. Insurance renewal’s due.

You open the letter (who still sends things by post? Seriously…) You’ve been good this year. Definitely would have made it on to Santa’s nice list. Carefully locked the doors and windows when you go out, kept up with all the household maintenance, and certainly not made any claims, so of course you expect to be saying hello to Mr No Claims Discount.

If you had, of course, you would just renew. It was a good deal last year, and your situation hasn’t changed. You have no special desire to expend mental energy on your insurance this year.

However, Dr Your Premium Has Gone Up by 15% has reared his ugly head, and a long and painful phone call with the insurer, where you pretend that you are more than happy to spend another hour filling out another 5 insurers questionnaires, is in the offing.

Call Centre Guy: “Well madam, thanks very much for calling. Have you got any other quotes yet” [because I’m not going to be very generous if you haven’t]

You: “Yes…. from you last year. It was much cheaper”

CCG: “Ah, of course, well I could do you a loyalty discount of 5%, would that work for you?”

You: “Nope”

CCG: “And I see it’s actually a full moon tonight, we could give you a special Werewolf, discount of a further 8%. Will that work?

You: “Look, unless you give me the same as last year, I’m switching”

CCG: “Of course Madam, why didn’t you say sooner, that’s no problem, we were just testing you. I just need to ask you another 10 questions, and then we’ll sort it right out for you…”


A different way

There is of course a different way.

Our aim is to always give you the same, or better price at renewal.

The only reason your renewal should go up is if:

  • You make a claim
  • The tax level that the government charges goes up
  • We have a particularly bad year in the UK (eg lots of floods affecting large areas), which drive prices in the whole market up

Sometimes the underlying insurer that underwrites your cover will put prices up, but in these cases we will automatically switch you to another insurer in our panel with the best price (the terms of policy will be exactly the same).

That means that under normal circumstances, you should always get a sensible renewal quote, and should be able to avoid the hassle usually associated with renewal.

No calling up. No pretending. No stress. Simple!

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Urban Jungle is a home insurance business, specialising in renters and sharers. We’re using technology to make insurance better for young people.

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