7 product features which make Urban Jungle a better place to buy insurance

September 2017

This is the first in a new blog series where we look at the tech products that we’re building at Urban Jungle, and why they should make a difference to the way you buy insurance.

We like to think of ourselves as more of a tech business than an insurance one, and this is already starting to show in the way we develop our product.

Here are some examples of what makes us different, and of course we’re working on lots more things to make it even better, which we’ll tell you about in the near future.

1. Social Login & Answer Prefill

We know how many different logins you have to remember these days, so we’ve incorporated social login to our site. It means you can create an account with us at the click of a button, but also that we can pre-fill some information for you in the insurance form, making our form super quick to fill in.

Don’t worry, if you don’t like logging in with social, we have a normal login too.

social login

2. Eligability Based Question Ordering

Ever gone through an insurance form, only to get to the end and be told that you can’t get cover, or that you have to ring up? Yes, we hate that too.

First of all we’re working really hard to make the number of cases where that happens as small as possible, but we’ve also arranged our purchase journey such that the questions that might make you ineligible are as near the start of the form as possible, so again you don’t waste time answering pointless questions.

question ordering

3. Question help and information

Some of the questions on our form are pretty easy (everyone knows their own name, right?) but there are some harder ones that our underwriters require, like what the walls of your home are made of, which aren’t always as obvious.

We do several things to help you with this. First, we have graphics and pictures which help you quickly understand what the question is asking and what the options are. Second, most questions have a help text with advice on how to answer the question. Third, we’ve worked hard on our FAQs, to give even more detailed instruction on difficult questions.

Our superstar customer service team are of course always available to help you with any problems you have too!

info and pics

4. Transparent pricing and easy customisation

Now we’re getting to the really clever stuff.

There are lots of options included in our home insurance products, like whether you want cover for accidental damage, what level of excess you would like, or whether you want to add cover for things out of home.

The problem in displaying these prices is that several of them are conditional e.g. if you have a lower excess amount, accidental damage cover is more expensive.

Most providers take the lazy option for this, and make you choose whether you want it before seeing a price, and don’t tell you how much adding that feature to your cover has cost you.

Our journey is different. Once we have your details, we query our panel of insurers on all the permutations of cover, so that we can give you an indicative price of what every extra feature will cost, before you decide to add it on.

We also make it super easy to add and remove extra cover. You won’t need a full requote, just a quick tap to add or remove instantly.


5. Referral Codes

We know how things work these days. When you find a brand you love, you want to tell your friends about it, but you also expect something back for your trouble.

Not many insurance businesses offer referral bonuses, and those that do make you sweat for them.

We share one with every completed purchase by email, as well as on the confirmation page, so you can invite friends super easily. They get £10 and you’ll get £10 off your renewal.

Yay for discounts!

6. Made for mobile

The majority of people trying to buy insurance now do so on their smartphone, but most insurance providers have been slow to catch up. Their forms are clunky, with small boxes, and lots of typing to do.

We’ve worked hard to design our product for mobile. Buttons are big, and bashable. Things are made for touch, or swipe, and not click. We’ve thought about what something looks like on a small screen, and tried to make it as easy as possible to read and fill out.

made for mobile

7. Resume Quote

Your busy sorting your insurance and you drop phone signal. Or your browser crashes. Or you just want to pop off for a cup of tea.

It’s really annoying if all the info you’ve already filled out goes missing.

On our site, because we log you in straight away, we always remember your details, and you can always come back and complete a quote at any time.

No more re-filling forms!

resume quote

So as you can see, there’s loads of good reasons to buy your insurance through us, and we’ve only just started! We’re working hard on lots of new features to make Urban Jungle even better. To be sure to hear about them, sign up for our mailing list below.

Next up in our product series, we are going to tell you more about how we screen out fraud, and some innovative things that we are doing with our back end development.

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